About Us

The dream, when The Friends of Fintry (FoF) was first established, was to see Captain James Dun-Waters’ legacy restored, protected and shared with the public.  Through hard work that dream is becoming a reality.

The Manor House now provides an opportunity for all of us to see what the life of the British landed gentry was like.  We continue to add to our extensive collection of fascinating artifacts.

Over the years much of the Manor House has been restored with work slated to begin on the rest of the house in 2015.

The barn complex has had extensive repairs to the roofs as well as the exterior of the buildings.  Now we are looking at making this area a cattle / farming museum.

Plans for the Packing House are being discussed.  It may be used for Wedding Receptions, possibly a small cafe and maybe a museum on the history of the lake.  If you have any ideas we’d love to hear from you.

We continue to work with BC Parks to develop the heritage buildings making history come alive.  FoF host three events each year….. the Mother’s Day Event,  Summer Event (near BC Parks Day) and the Fall Event (Trunk & Tailgate sale) which always includes banana Bread & hot apple cider.

If you’re a teacher why not invite us to speak to your class or come on a field trip.  Ask us about our bat project.

Interactive presentations to special interest groups are also one of the ways we provide an educational heritage experience.

Guided tours of the House and Octagonal barn are offered daily during the summer months.  Members are invited to help with the gardens, annual cleaning of the house, fundraising, volunteering at the Spring, Summer & Fall events, researching and recovering as many of Dun-Waters’ belongings as possible.

The most important thing that FoF can do is to make the unique history of Fintry come alive for all those who come to visit.