Activities – Something for Everyone

– Count the stairs as you climb up to view Fintry’s triple waterfall.  You can see much of the falls from only 100 stairs but keep going up the next 300+ stairs to the top for an amazing view.

(That waterfall had enough power to turn a Pelton wheel and provide power to the Manor House at a time when most residents were still using coal oil lights!)

– When you walk near the falls look for remnants of wire wrapped wood pipes that were used as part of an irrigation system so unique that European experts called it “Impossible”.

– Look carefully and you will see the original road cut out of the cliff…no wonder Dun-Waters wanted to send his apples to market by sternwheeler!   Can’t imagine the drive in those days.

– Go geocaching… a modern day treasure hunt!  All you need is a GPS device or a phone with the right app.

– Take a step back in time as you tour the Manor House where the Laird of Fintry and his trophy_room“dear old Missus” took on the challenge of life together.

– Watch for a bald eagle soaring over Fintry or listen to the haunting cry of the loon.  There are many more bird species in this area.   See how many birds you can count.

Deer are sure to be in the area but did you know there is a large group of Bighorn Sheep living along Westside Road?

– Listen to the distant call of the coyote at night.  If you listen carefully you might hear the young pups yipping.

– Check out Fintry’s Barn Complex area.  One of the buildings here we call the “Mystery Building” because no one is sure what it was used for….maybe you can help us.fintry-barns

– BC Parks has a large camping and day use area.  More campsites will be added on in the next few years.

– Bring your boat…. there is a convenient boat launch at the park.

fintry beach– Enjoy the nearly 2 kilometres of beach.

– Bring your kayak or canoe.  Okanagan Lake has many beautiful areas to explore.

– Enjoy the peace and serenity.  Fintry Delta is away from big city lights which makes it easy to stargaze on a warm Okanagan evening.  Watch for shooting stars and, if you’re lucky, the northern lights might even be visible.

Cycling is safe and easy on the flat roads of the Fintry Delta.

Don’t forget your fishing rod!

– If you’re here between March and July you will find an abundance of wildflowers.