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Pewter Plate for 25 cents?

Pewter Ware was in common use (for thousands of years) until the early 19th century.  In fact it wasn’t until the reign of Charles II that silver plates became fashionable.

About 25 years ago one of our board members, Rosemary, bought this pewter plate at a garage sale for 25 cents thinking it would be perfect to use under a house plant.  It served this purpose for quite a while before being replaced with a less ‘rough’ looking substitute.

In Rosemary’s words:

“I came across it (the plate) recently and decided to show it to Dan Bruce, our Curator for Fintry Manor House.  He asked if he could keep it and saying “Yes” he explained it’s history. The letters stamped on the rim identify the owner. The plate would be kept on a rack behind a Pub bar.  I understand this would be the same for a beer mug.  When the owner came in for lunch or a meal he had his own utensils.  This plate goes back to the ’17th’ Century.”

It makes you wonder about the owner and all those meals he enjoyed at his local pub.  It also makes you wonder what treasures might be found a garage sale near you!


Looking Good for the Spring Fair

Took a trip out to Fintry today… the water in Shorts Creek has gone down and the sun was shining.  The campground is open and the lawn of the Manor House is being prepared for the Mother’s Day Fair tomorrow.

A friendly Viking camp is taking shape …. they are planning an amazing show for those of you attending the Fair tomorrow.

Come and see what our vendors have to offer…enjoy some good food, music and of course take the opportunity to tour the Manor House and learn more about this amazing historic site.

See you tomorrow!

Mother’s Day at Fintry!

    It’s a go!  The Board of Directors met today at Fintry and made the decision to go ahead with the Mother’s Day Fair this Sunday.  The house has had a spring cleaning… the grounds are looking great and the sun is scheduled to shine on the weekend.

Come and join us for fun, great food, lots of vendors, music & of course the bagpipes.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get plants for your garden & gifts for Mom.

See you Sunday

Take a Break from Spring Cleaning

Ever get one of those moments when every day chores just seem overwhelming?  Seems like the Laird even had to hang his boots out to dry.  Then there’s the laundry done by hand probably in a bucket with water hauled from the creek.

If your chores seem overwhelming and you want to take a break why not consider volunteering at Fintry.

  • On Saturday, May 6th, a group will get together for our annual Spring Cleaning of the Manor House, Barn Complex and garden.   Bring a lunch and a willingness to have a good time.
  • Or perhaps you’d like to help visitors to the site have a more enjoyable experience by becoming a tour guide.  (if you’re interested training will be provided)
  • If you’d like to help preserve the history of Fintry for future generations you might consider becoming a member of the board of directors.

We are looking forward to the new season at Fintry beginning with the Mother’s Day Fair on May 14th.

Send an email to   [email protected] if you are interested in helping out.

These photos were taken at Fintry High Farm (above the Delta).

Unlock Your Potential

Just over 20 years ago a group of people concerned with the preservation of the Fintry Heritage Site (including the Manor House, Octagonal Barn & Packing House) worked together to make their dream a reality.  Each person brought their own experience and strengths to the table.  Because of their dedication the province of BC in conjunction with the Central Okanagan regional District, purchased the 360 hectare Fintry Estate.

Since that time the Manor House has been repaired, restored and refurnished.  Today visitors are transported back in time to learn the unique history of the Laird of Fintry (Captain Dun-Waters).

Over the past year a new prep kitchen (to be used for weddings, family reunions etc.) has been built along with a caretaker’s suite & housing for two summer students.

The Friends of Fintry are looking for people who would like to continue that dream as a member of the board of directors.   If you  think you would like to be part of Fintry’s history going forward please send an email to [email protected]

All you need to bring to the table is a desire to preserve history for future generations.

Thank you for your consideration.

Email – [email protected]


Improvements to the Manor House

Took a quick trip to Fintry today to see how the renovations are progressing.  The Manor House isn’t open for tours during the winter months but there was certainly lots going on.  What a difference!

The kitchen, which was formerly part of a suite that had been rented out to caretakers, has been transformed.  The large space now has a prep kitchen (for big events such as weddings) as well as a seating area where visitors can enjoy a short movie about Fintry before beginning their tour of the house.

Prep. kitchen

The upstairs, probably only used for storage during Dun-Waters time, now has two bedrooms for summer students, a caretaker’s suite, an office for our Executive Director, storage area and a large room which will be used for Board meetings.

Caretaker’s kitchen
Caretaker’s living area
Meeting room

Part of the renovations include the Laird’s bedroom.  This once inaccessible room is almost ready to become part of the Manor House tours.

Before leaving Fintry we took a break to climb up the stairs by the falls.  The thundering sound of cascading water at Short’s Creek Falls is always so powerful this time of year.  The Spring thaw is beginning….

Short’s Creek Falls



Congratulations to Marie Harrop

Written by:  Jim Klein

Marie Harrop recently celebrated her 99th birthday. Friends of Fintry offer this lovely lady sincere congratulations.

Marie and her husband Art Harrop lived and worked at Fintry from 1939-47. Art actually began there as a 19-year-old in 1933, working in the dairy operation and later in the orchard and packinghouse.

The couple married in 1939 and moved into the chalet at Fintry. The home, located a stone’s throw from what’s now the 307th step of the staircase along the falls, burned down decades later. After wearing out several pairs of shoes climbing up and down the steep slope to and from the chalet, Marie asked Art to inquire about moving to another house on the property. They moved into a little house, also gone now, just west and south of the White House. Although the chalet was a better structure, their new home was easier to get to.

Marie says she enjoyed living at Fintry, where she was homemaking, swimming and playing tennis at Ewings Landing. Still, she found the days long and wanted something else to do. She asked Art to talk to Fintry’s Estate Manager, Mr. Angus Gray, about another job she might do, perhaps in the packinghouse. Mr. Gray agreed and Marie became a fruit packer along with a largely Japanese crew in a packinghouse by the lake on the Fintry property. She did that happily for a number of years.

Marie recalls meeting Capt. Dun-Waters on only a few occasions. At that time (1939), he was very ill but she remembers him being a very nice man. Marie and Art worked at Fintry during the Fairbridge Farm era. She remembers the young people there learning how to farm. Until recently, she maintained contact with some of them.

Marie and Art moved from Fintry to Ellison in 1947 to work on the Bulman Ranch so their girls could attend school.

Vikings & Vendors… a great mix at Fintry

Vikings at the Ready
Vikings at the Ready
Enjoying the Fair
Enjoying the Fair

The sun shone on hundreds of visitors who came out to enjoy a family fun day on the grounds of the manor house last month.  Though the Fair opened at 10am the activities really got going when the Kalamalka Highlanders made an entrance.  (One of the pipers was visiting from Scotland and was very impressed with the venue and all it has to offer).


The Firefighters had their trucks ready to show the kids and delicious ice cream to enjoy on a hot Autumn day.firefighters

Vendors included wine from Edge of the Earth Winery, beautiful glass from Kelly Glass, delicious cheese from Terroir Cheese, wonderful products from The Soap Garden, Spices & Garlic from BC Buds Garlic, Bird Boxes from Ken Cuffe, Wooden Jewellry & Fruit from Dylan Olafson & Sandy Metzler’s Food 4 U preserves etc.

Delicious food from Oh Natural Foods, That Donut Guy & Mobile Munchies was very much appreciated.

Then the Vikings invaded!  Showing off their traditional viking combat skills this talented group showed us the different weapons used in the time of the vikings.  Dressed to fit the part they put on demonstrations that included one on one combat with axes, spears, swords and knives.  Even an archery demonstration.  The kids even got an opportunity to get in the act with foam ‘swords’.  This was the Kelowna based group (The Ulfhethnar) has appeared at Fintry but, judging from the crowds reaction, it won’t be the last.

Viking Demonstration
Viking Demonstration
Kid 'Vikings'
Kid ‘Vikings’

Thank you to everyone who made the Fair a wonderful memory.

Edge of the Earth Wine
Edge of the Earth Wine
Kelly Glass
Kelly Glass


Mobile Munchies
Mobile Munchies
Oh Natural Foods
Oh Natural Foods